Lyoness: it is all just a bunch of lies

Has anyone ever wondered why Lyoness is so keen on presenting its founder and CEO, Hubert Freidl, as a long-time successful business man, yet fails to provide any details about Freidl's prior business activities? In fact, it is pretty darn hard to find anything about Freidl's corporate past on the internet - especially if you do not know where to search for it. And if Freidl is such a successful business man, then why do not any of his prior businesses exist anymore?

As mentioned earlier, Hubert Freidl has exploited a long list of companies in the past. At least two of those companies were frauds similar to Lyoness: GTS (run by Erin Trade SA) and Galvagin. Recently, after receiving bad press in the Swiss and the Austrian media, Lyoness felt urged to release a press statement distancing the company and its founder from any form of illegal activity. In particular, company spokesman Mathias Vorbach refuted the allegations that Hubert Freidl had ever founded a company called 'GTS' or had had anything to do with it.

The founders of the Austrian website 'Plattform Lyoness' have published considerable evidence that Lyoness and Vorbach were lying and that Freidl was in fact involved in 'Erin Trade SA', the company running the 'GTS' scam - and was one of the five founders.

On the 20th of May 1998, Marco Soldati closed a fiduciary contract with Hubert Freidl, Robert Bernsteiner, Martin Ganner and Walter Holzner concerning Erin Trade SA. Freidl's name and signature also pops up on proofs of payment and contracts related to Erin Trade (GTS). Also, an explanation of the GTS system was attached, which clear proves the fact that Erin Trade SA was operating the GTS system. It also clearly shows (even for people who do not speak Italian) that GTS was an illegal pyramid scheme.

Why would a company have to hide and lie so much about the resume of its 'so successful' founder? And who would want to do business with such a company?

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